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Designer. Digital Artist. Writer.

So, apparently I don’t have to turn on the red light. That’s pretty great news all round I’d say … but … what do I do with my time then?

Well, I do a bunch of visually creative things…

I’m a designer.

For starters I’m a qualified graphic and website designer. I’ve been doing that since I graduated from the DSSA (Design School of Southern Africa) in 2001. In 2006, I decided to strike out on my own, so I formed Coza Web Design, which is my ‘day job’. I love my job and it pays the bills, but it’s not enough for my creative appetite.

I’m a digital artist.

Much of my spare time is filled with digital illustration and painting. I have a Patreon profile where I regularly upload artwork to if you want to see an overview. I have a YouTube channel where I upload timelapses and art tutorials. I also upload selected artworks to RedBubble where you can have them printed on canvas, metal plates, and other merch like shower curtains, face masks and more.

I’m a writer.

I’ve always had a love affair with books. In fact, one of my first jobs was in a bookstore. I started to write in late primary school, and since then I’ve always been writing something or the other: Creative pieces that I will never show anyone, design articles for one of my blogs, and of course non-fiction books.

My books are driven by an empathy I have for those suffering or lost in some sense. I’m not saying I’m some smart-arse guru with the answer to all of life’s questions. Hell no. I’ve got a lot to learn still, but what I have learned, I want to pass on. Isn’t that our duty? Each person’s journey through life, though unique, shares at least some of the same trials and tribulations that others have already, or will go through. Suffering is not pleasant, but I believe we find purpose in it by being able to later comfort others in the same predicament, after we’ve overcome our own. I also believe we are blessed by God in order to be a blessing to others. I believe God gives us true happiness when we live selflessly, rather than the pseudo-happiness we find in hedonistic selfishness. The way I obey that call of God on my life is to write.

Mind you, I’m not a professionally trained writer, so yes, you’re going to find spelling mistakes (that I lie and say are ‘typos’) and questionable grammar. I hope you will graciously look past that and simply enjoy what I’ve written, and take it for what it is.

Other things that are greatly important to me

I’m a Christian.

Not the judgy kind. Not the holier than though kind. Not the perfect kind. I’m just a flawed follower of Jesus trying to do the right thing, sometimes failing. I think Jesus is awesome, and it’s because of his example that I try to love people as much as I do. Any light and strength you see in me is Jesus shining through me. Without him, I would be a very broken and lost person.

I’m a wife.

I f*cken LOVE my husband. He’s handsome. He’s hilarious. He’s kind. If you want to see just how amazing he is, he’s also one of the highest viewed South African Twitch streamers. In the gaming world he’s known as Mr_W4RpATH. We both love PC gaming, so I often hang out on his stream in the evenings playing games too.