3 ArtStation Alternatives

For years, Artstation.com has pretty much been the industry standard for professional art portfolios, but artists are now, quite frankly, tired of their bullshit.

First ArtStation automatically opted us all in to having our art scraped by AI bots, and then said if we want to opt out we need to go into each of our projects and manually add a #noai tag. For some of us, that’s years worth of projects. They’ve also said they have no plans to ban AI art from the platform. Their terms make it clear they are willing to bend over for their AI overlords.

Same goes for DeviantArt. They pulled the same stunt, and what’s worse they’re developing their own AI art engine, but what can you expect from a company owned by Wix who have been screwing over web designers with their automated system for years.

Behance isn’t any better. They’re owned by Adobe, who are also frothing at the mouth to try and get their own AI engine out ASAP.

I also would not count on CG Society as they don’t even have a terms and conditions page, so presumably anything goes.

Fortunately there are some good alternatives to Artstation:

1. Artgram (prev. Arrrt.io)

Artgram.co is a brand new portfolio site that’s taking the AI threat very seriously. Their mission statement makes it abundantly clear that they’re on the side of humans and will not support AI now nor in the future. The best part of arrrt.io is that you can automatically transfer your whole ArtStation portfolio over, so you don’t have to spend an age manually uploading and tagging each art project. It’s visually quite similar to ArtStation, so easy to find your way around. You can also ask questions, give suggestions, and learn about planned features in the very active arrt.io Discord channel.

2. NewGrounds

NewGrounds.com have been around for ages. They used to be an animation zine, but have evolved over the years to be so much more, including a robust portfolio site. They’re also vehemently siding with human artists as per their Terms and Conditions. Although the interface looks a bit dated, and you can’t automatically transfer your portfolio over, there are plenty of artists already on the platform (given that the art portal was launched back in 2006).

3. ArtFol

Loads of artists are moving over to ArtFol who’ve said that by 2 January, any artists posting content using AI generative models will be removed. Unfortunately at this point in time, it’s just an app, but their web service will be launching soon. Personally, I’m not a phone person, so I can’t think of anything more tedious than trying to maintain a portfolio on an app, so I’ll wait for the web launch.