Anti AI Generative Art Resources

This post is a repository of all the links, videos, and articles pertinent to the fight against AI generative art.

I believe there is room for some form of AI (trained ethically, and heavily regulated) to exist without becoming a threat to creative (and non creative) livelihoods, but the current iteration of it is beyond dangerous. The situation is escalating daily and I wanted a place where I could collate all relevant info on the AI crisis. This is that place, and as such, this is a developing article which I plan to update periodically.

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The above video details my 2 decades long career and how I’ve seen AI and automation wreak havoc on creatives and non creatives alike. I give a summary of where we are at, and what we can still do with regards to government policies, AI regulation, lawsuits against AI, including class action lawsuits, as well as social stigma and pressure.

How you can contribute to the fight against unethical AI

  • Concept Art Association GoFundMe
    The Concept Art Association has hired a lobbyist to push for regulation of AI in government policy in the US. Silicone Valley in California is one of the major hubs for AI in the world, so supporting this cause benefits all of us, even if you are not a US citizen. This is their Go Fund Me link if you want to contribute towards their expenses:
  • EGAIR Manifesto
    The European Guild for Artificial Intelligence Regulation has a manifesto for AI companies regulation in Europe. You can sign the manifesto here, and also donate if you wish:
  • Distributed AI Research Institute
    DAIR is a space for independent, community-rooted AI research, free from Big Tech’s pervasive influence. It is headed by Timnit Gebru (former Co-lead of Ethical AI research for Google). Their website has a donation option if you wish to support her efforts.
  • Montreal AI Ethics Institute
    MAIEI is a non profit organization that aims build public competence in AI Ethics and publish innovative, applicable policy research. It is headed by Abhishek Gupta, who is also a machine learning engineer at Microsoft. Their website has a donation option if you wish to support their efforts.
  • Art Impact AI Coalition
    Canadian policy and regulatory innovation with regards to AI

Lawsuits Pertaining to AI and Legal Precedents

Artist resources in the fight against AI generative art

Important conversations around AI

  • Disturbing interview with AGI zealot
    Stan Prokopenko ( interviews Evan Conrad (who facilitates grants for AI companies) and talks to him about the imminent job losses creatives will face, and his AGI (artifical general intelligence) utopia, where no one has jobs.
  • Concept Art Association AI Town Hall
    A virtual townhall concerning AI and our creative industries, hosted by Karla Ortiz, and featuring many creative industry leaders.
  • 2023 AI Media Advocacy Summit
    A series of talks around AI generative art, legalities, and ethics, that were livestreamed. The website contains links to the recorded sessions.

Creative companies/organizations aligning with artists

Creative companies/organizations aligning with AI

Creative jobs lost to / negatively affected by AI & Automation

Non creative jobs lost to / negatively affected by AI & Automation