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“Do Not Train” robots.txt, Image Meta Data, and Other Art Protection

I recently watched the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on AI and copyright, where Ben Brooks (Stability AI) said that they “respect robots.txt wishes”, implying that you can prevent your work/content from being scraped by setting a ‘donottrain’ directive in your website’s robots.txt file.

New PC for Art

My husband’s streaming community got together behind our backs and organized a gofundme so that I could upgrade my 10 year old PC.

4 ArtStation Alternatives

For years, has pretty much been the industry standard for professional art portfolios, but artists are now quite frankly…tired of their bullshit.

Discord for Artists and Art Lovers

This month I set up a Discord server, primarily as an easier way to offer benefits to my patrons, but it’s open to the public, whether you are an artist or simply an art lover.

Gumroad & OpenSea

I recently launched a GumRoad store so I can offer some digital downloads, and an OpenSea profile so I can mint and sell NFTs…

What it’s like going from Wacom to Huion

There was a time when Wacom’s graphic’s tablets were the only ones worth buying, and because of this monopoly, they could charge whatever they wanted. They still do to be honest, but…spoiler alert…they’re in for a rude awakening.

Hand Cramps from Drawing

When you’re young, you can fall asleep like a pretzel, wake up and carry on with a skip and a jump. Then you hit your thirties, you yawn funny and put your back out. Here’s my experience with ‘fun’ hand cramps from drawing in my forties.

The Pandemic has a Silver Lining

Covid-19. We all know the drawbacks, but if you want to focus on the positive, here’s some very good things that have come out of this whole drama.