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The Pandemic has a Silver Lining

20 March, 2020

Covid-19. We all know the drawbacks. Most of us are experiencing some form of quarantine, impotently watching the number of infected rates climb every day on stats websites…in some places exponentially. Crazy times indeed. If this had happened years ago when I used to suffer from health anxiety, I would have been shitting myself. I’m […]

‘Answering The Atheist’ is Now Available

29 October, 2019

This book is currently available via Amazon now, and soon other outlets. I will update this page accordingly. Book Specifications ISBN-10: 9781086100259ISBN-13: 978-1086100259Pages: 356 basic Synopsis Atheists, sceptics, and agnostics are unconvinced, and unmoved by the ‘just have faith’ and ‘don’t question the church’ type of responses they often receive. This book candidly answers the […]

If God Exists, Why Does He Allow Such Evil?

30 July, 2018

Reading Time: Approx. 30 mins. This article has been adapted for web from Chapter 7 of my book ‘Answering The Atheist‘. A dear atheist friend once told me that the moment she stopped believing in God was when she first laid eyes on the now iconic photo of a starving Sudanese child with a vulture […]

Am I Depressed?

28 January, 2016

According to Google stats a lot of people search using the phrase ‘Am I depressed?’. I find that interesting…because surely you would know…but as it turns out a lot of people don’t. They think that being sad is the same as being depressed. This is through no fault of their own because society uses the […]

Health Anxiety

21 October, 2015

Hypochondria is an anxiety disorder that focuses specifically around health. A hypochondriac is someone who excessively worries about their health and drastically overestimates the severity of aches and pains in their body, often imagining the worst case scenario. As an example, the average person who gets a headache will take a headache pill or drink […]

How to Stop Panic Attacks

21 October, 2015

Help, I’m having a panic attack! If you are having a panic attack right now, start by controlling your breathing. Slow things down by closing your mouth and blocking one nostril and then breathe slowly and deeply through the unblocked nostril. Block that nostril and unblock the other. Slowly exhale out your unblocked nostril. Repeat […]

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