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How to Stop Panic Attacks

21 October, 2015

Help, I’m having a panic attack! If you are having a panic attack right now, start by controlling your breathing. Slow things down by closing your mouth and blocking one nostril and then breathe slowly and deeply through the unblocked nostril. Block that nostril and unblock the other. Slowly exhale out your unblocked nostril. Repeat […]

Panic Attack Symptoms

21 October, 2015

Main Panic Attack Symptoms Sudden fear / terror (about something specific like having a heart attack or even something you can’t identify) A feeling of impending disaster Rapid heart beat Difficulty breathing (or yawning) Chest pains Feeling dizzy / lightheaded Tingling / numbness in parts of the body Sweating, hot flushes or chills Other Common […]

‘How I Overcame Panic Disorder Without Drugs’ is now available as a paperback

6 October, 2015

Last month I launched my first book ‘How I Overcame Panic Disorder Without Drugs’ in digital format. As of today, it’s available as a paperback. Book Specifications ISBN: 1517522188EAN13: 9781517522186 I wouldn’t wish panic disorder on anyone…except maybe the truly heinous. Paedophiles, animal abusers, rapists, the invasive marketing twat who invented cold calling… So there’s […]

Website Launch + Book Launch

11 September, 2015

Since graduating as a professional web designer from the Design School of Southern Africa in 2001, I’ve launched countless websites over the years. Most of them for clients, but I’ve also launched quite a few of my own, including my own design business website. Today, however, I launch my personal website, and along with that […]

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