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Am I Depressed?

According to Google stats a lot of people search using the phrase ‘Am I depressed?’. I find that interesting…because surely you would know…but as it turns out a lot of people don’t. They think that being sad is the same … Continue reading »

Health Anxiety

Hypochondria is an anxiety disorder that focuses specifically around health. A hypochondriac is someone who excessively worries about their health and drastically overestimates the severity of aches and pains in their body, often imagining the worst case scenario. As an … Continue reading »

How to Stop Panic Attacks

Help, I’m having a panic attack! If you are having a panic attack right now, start by controlling your breathing. Slow things down by closing your mouth and blocking one nostril and then breathe slowly and deeply through the unblocked … Continue reading »

Panic Attack Symptoms

Main Panic Attack Symptoms Sudden fear / terror (about something specific like having a heart attack or even something you can’t identify) A feeling of impending disaster Rapid heart beat Difficulty breathing (or yawning) Chest pains Feeling dizzy / lightheaded … Continue reading »

‘How I Overcame Panic Disorder Without Drugs’ is now available as a paperback

Last month I launched my first book ‘How I Overcame Panic Disorder Without Drugs’ in digital format. As of today, it’s available as a paperback. Book Details & Synopsis ISBN: 1517522188 | EAN13: 9781517522186 I wouldn’t wish panic disorder on … Continue reading »