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I post art videos on my YouTube channel. If you want to help me get it monetized, please subscribe, watch my videos, or share my channel

Much obliged if you do. <3

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As a patron, even on the lowest tier, you get a special Discord role which gives you access to all my brushes, patron-only videos, weekly art lessons, and a massive back catalogue of past art lessons.

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I have a discord server for artists and art lovers. We post our art, give and get constructive criticism, and grow together. Patrons have access to secret channels with weekly at lessons and more.

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I create and share high quality digital brush packs, mainly for Corel Painter. Many of them are even free. Check my brush packs and other digital merch on either GumRoad or CubeBrush.


I’m not a big fan of the telephone, and I’m also not terribly active on social media, but I do answer all legit (not spam) emails.

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