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I post art videos on my YouTube channel. If you want to help me get it monetized, please subscribe, watch my videos, or share my channel

Much obliged if you do. <3

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I have a Patreon profile where I regularly upload artwork too, with several tiers of patronage to choose from.

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I have a discord server for artists and art lovers. We post our art, give and get constructive criticism, and grow together. Patrons have access to secret channels with weekly at lessons and more.

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Art Services

I produce art for both business and pleasure. I would love to be able to do this more often. Patrons wanted.

I spend a large portion of my spare time creating art…digitally…because real art supplies are stupid expensive. My drawing tool is a Huion Inspiroy graphics tablet, and my main canvas is Corel Painter for drawing, and Paintstorm Studio for painting.

The type of artwork I create includes mainly digital fine art (sketches, drawings, painting), but occasionally also photo manipulation.


I have a Patreon profile, where I share all my art.

  • Tier 1 and higher patrons get their name listed at the end of YouTube videos I create that month, as well as a special Discord role that gives them access to secret content, like high res files, brushes, patron only videos and weekly art lessons.
  • Tier 2 and 3 patrons also get a monthly artwork (their choice of subject matter).

You can become a patron for as little as $5 per month.


I make select artworks available as prints on canvas, metal, and other merchandise, which you can purchase via Red Bubble

I also sell brushes I’ve created and other digital items on Gumroad and Cubebrush.

I mint some of my artwork as NFTs and sell them on OpenSea


I’m open for private commissions. These will be charged at a higher rate than patron commissions, but still extremely affordable.

I can draw and paint in a variety of styles. you can see some of my past work on my online portfolios:

Art Videos

Much obliged if you subscribe to my YouTube channel. At this point my aim is 1000 subs, and 4k watch hours so I can qualify for monetization.