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As a patron, even on the lowest tier, you get a special Discord role which gives you access to all my brushes, patron-only videos, weekly art lessons, and a massive back catalogue of past art lessons.

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I have a discord server for artists and art lovers. We post our art, give and get constructive criticism, and grow together. Patrons have access to secret channels with weekly at lessons and more.

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Art Services

I’m a South African illustrator with both local and International clients. Illustration commissions are open.

Illustration & Concept Art

If you need something illustrated, I can draw and paint in a variety of styles. I can work from reference photos, or I can also conceptualize creatures/environments from your descriptions. I do NOT use AI. I also don’t photobash unless specifically requested. All artwork is created from scratch, and I can provide you with iterations of the art every step of the way from sketch, to WIPs, to final illustration.

I’m a digital artist, so the files I provide you will be high res images you can take to a printer of your choice, or medium to high res images for concept art, that you can give to your 3D team to work from.

Type of Illustration Work I offer

The type of artwork I’m typically commissioned to create is fantasy art, scifi art, gaming art, and portraits, including illustrated face logos and mascots. I’m also comfortable making concept art, and I’ve also occasionally done photo manipulation jobs, and educational drawings.

How I Charge for Illustration Jobs

For my overseas illustration clients, I offer a PayPal or direct Forex transfer. I also accept commissions via Patreon and For local South African clients, I additionally accept EFTs in ZAR.

My Illustration Tools

For interests sake, my main drawing tool is a Huion Inspiroy 1060p graphics tablet, and my main canvas is Corel Painter. I also have a second hand ipad for gratuitous drawing in bed, and I’m also comfortable using any other professional painting application, such as Paintstorm Studio, Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, and Krita.


I have a Patreon profile, where I have a number of tiers:

  • Tier 1 and higher patrons get their name listed at the end of YouTube videos I create that month, as well as a special Discord role that gives them access to secret content, like high res files, brushes, patron only videos and weekly art lessons.
  • Tier 2 and 3 patrons also get a monthly artwork (their choice of subject matter).

You can become a patron for as little as $5 per month.

Merch & NFTs

  • I make select artworks available as prints on canvas, metal, and other merchandise, which you can purchase via Red Bubble
  • I also sell brushes I’ve created and other digital items on Gumroad and Cubebrush.
  • I mint some of my artwork as NFTs and sell them on OpenSea, using the Polygon Network (better for the environment).


I can draw and paint in a variety of styles. You can see some of my past work on my online portfolio.

I’m open for private commissions of almost any scope. If the job is not time sensitive, the cheapest option is to sign up as a tier 2 or 3 patron on Patreon. However, if you need the artwork completed sooner, I’d suggest emailing me for a quote (Billing via PayPal), or if you prefer, you can also commission me via the commission portal.

Art Videos

Much obliged if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, and watch as many of my videos as you you can stomach 🙂 – At this point my aim is 4k watch hours so I can qualify for monetization.