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I have a Patreon profile where I regularly upload artwork too, with several tiers of patronage to choose from.

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I produce art for both business and pleasure. I would love to be able to do this more often. Patrons wanted.

Sketch Commssions

Sketch Commissions

I sketch a lot…digitally…because real art supplies are stupid expensive. My drawing tool is a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet, and my canvas is Corel Painter 2020.

Become a Patron

I have a Patreon profile, where I share my art, along with ‘behind the scenes’ content for patrons. Tier 2 and 3 patrons also get a monthly sketch (their choice of subject matter). If you like my sketches, this is an insanely cheap way of commissioning me to sketch something for you. Alternatively, you can also request a once off commission at a higher rate.

Buy Prints and Merch

I upload some of my art to Displate, where you can buy a print on metal, and Red Bubble, where you can buy prints of some of my art on canvas, and other merch.

Online Portfolios

I maintain several online portfolios, and social accounts with uploaded artwork. I also occasionally record myself sketching and upload these to YouTube.

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation

Photo to Art Conversion is a side business of mine which is primarily a service of manipulating photos into digital art, and printing the resulting artwork onto actual canvas.

The photo you provide can be anything – a wedding photo, a pic of your child or animal, a selfie you particularly like, a holiday photo, or even some stock photo you want edited. You might want an old black and white photo colourised, several photos shopped* into one, or just a little colour correction and some beautiful text added. Whatever it is, I can do it. You can see some examples and start the ordering process here:

Photo to Art to Canvas Service

* When I use the term ‘shopped’, I’m not literally talking about Adobe PhotoShop. With the introduction of Creative Cloud, Adobe has sadly priced their software out of the International market by forcing people to rent it. It is no longer possible to buy Adobe Photoshop outright. If, like most of us in south Africa, you aren’t earning good dollars, pounds, or euros, those dollars per month charged for Creative Cloud are stupidly ridiculous. Most Africans, and Asians just pirate Adobe software, but instead I use something called Affinity Photo which is almost as good, getting better all the time, and is a crapton more affordable.

Canvas Art Print Shop

I’ve slowly been adding original digital art to my shop page for people to buy for display in their home, office or holiday rentals. I may start adding my sketches here too, or I may close the shop and upload the artwork to a more established art print vendor. I haven’t made my mind up about this yet, but in the meantime, you can have a look at the work I’ve created so far here:

Digital Art Prints Online Shop

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