Discord for Artists and Art Lovers

This month I set up a Discord server, primarily as an easier way to offer benefits to my patrons, but it’s open to the public, whether you are an artist or simply an art lover.

Public Channels

It’s a space where you can gain daily inspiration; get feedback and critiques; display your own work; laugh at art-related memes; get the latest in art industry news and reviews; get access to art resources (often free). There’s even a test channel for playing with the MidJourney AI tool.

Patron-Only Channels

Patrons get weekly art lessons and access to all my published gumroad store brushes, full length patron-only videos, and high res files of painting I do during the month.

Video Preview

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the server at launch:

How to Join

You can join using your browser or the discord app with this link.