Gumroad & OpenSea

I recently launched a Gumroad store so I can offer some digital downloads, and an OpenSea profile so I can mint and sell NFTs.

At the time of posting, both stores only have one item each, but I have plans for both…


My plans for Gumroad are to offer brush packs, but at the time of post creation, I only have one product in my GumRoad store, and it’s a free ebook.

Free ebook

It’s a pdf copy of a book I wrote in 2015 called “How I Overcame Panic Disorder Without Drugs“. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, anxiety, and mental health issues are on the rise. It seems particularly bad in the art community, so hoping that those who visit the store for free brushes in the future might grab the book too.

I’m hoping I’ll get a better reach with the book on this platform than I have previously on Amazon. Amazon’s algorithms unfortunately prioritize already successful books, and hides new books way down the list – even when they are obviously more relevant to the search criteria.

Free & Cheap High Quality Digital Brush Packs +

Editing this post to add: I have uploaded quite a few brushpacks and other digital products (many free and other dirt cheap) to my gumRoad store, and I also have a CubeBrush store if you prefer.


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. As best as I can describe it, it’s a file (for example an artwork, a video, an in-game character) that’s minted as a digital asset which can then be sold in the cryptocurrency market. 

Much like our paper money isn’t backed by gold or anything valuable (it only has value because we say it does) – Most NFTs are like that too.  They’re mostly just bought and sold as investments, like stocks, but there are collector’s who just horde them as prizes.

Money Laundering

I’ve been following the scene from almost the beginning and I’ve long suspected that a lot of it is just money laundering because the artwork NFTs fetching the best prices are objectively crap.  At least half of them look like poorly drawn clip art.

NFT’s with Benefits

Some NFTs are backed by real world benefits, for example, having a specific NFT in your crypto wallet may get you access into places or events where you couldn’t ordinarily go, or get you exclusive discounts on services or items in the real world.  I think this is probably where the bulk of the NFT industry is heading. That and continued money laundering of course. 🙂  

Seeing as I’m neither part of a crime family, nor do I have anything exclusive I can really offer as a value backing (apart from the high res file included in the purchase), my NFTs are geared towards collectors and honest investors. That said, I don’t know if they will sell, but as my good friend Josh (aka Saku) says, there’s nothing to lose.  

So I’ve created my first NFT, which is a painting of one of kind guitar. It will be part of a series which I’ll announce when I have enough items minted.

Photo by Fernando Hernandez on Unsplash