Most of the artwork below is available for purchase, not just on canvas or metal plates, but also merchandise – as varied as shower curtains, pandemic masks, and cellphone covers.

Click on an artwork below for details and purchasing options.

Loki Portrait Commission
A commission by a husband as a birthday present for his wife who is a huge Loki fan. Read more
Untimely Descent of the Gas Bag
An imaginative scene based on the world of Ark: Survival Evolved. Printable and minted versions available. Read more
East of Eden
The lost portal to the garden at the East side of Eden. Printable and minted versions available. Read more
A painting of a woman floating on a lifesaver towards an island after a shipwreck. Read more
My take on the #MerMay social challenge for 2022 Read more
The Messiah
A close up of the Messiah on the crucifixion cross, with the word FORGIVE emblazoned across the bottom. Read more
Easter Bunny
A chocolate Easter bunny escaping from his foil wrapping. Read more
Hacker Squirrel
This was mascot I designed for a streamer. The theme was a hacker squirrel. Read more
mascot logo
This was mascot logo I designed for the Smokey Joes food truck in Yorkshire. Read more
Odd Bot entry for the Feb 2022 Proko challenge Read more
A commission by a father for his little daughter who loves "unicorns, hearts, and the colour pink". Read more
promo art
A commission by two streamers for a collab Portal 2 stream. This graphic was used for promotion of the event. Read more
My submission for Day 6 of Creatuanary 2022, Akselloak. Read more
Nanook Bear
My submission for Day 5 of Creatuanary 2022, Nanook Bear. Read more
My submission for Day 4 of Creatuanary 2022, Narwhal. Read more