Most of the artwork below is available for purchase, not just on canvas or metal plates, but also merchandise – as varied as shower curtains, pandemic masks, and cellphone covers.

Click on an artwork below for details and purchasing options.

Azaizai's Sacred Grove
A commission from streamer Aziazai. Painting of a Sacred Grove to use as a Starting Soon overlay for his Twitch stream. Read more
The First Gibson Les Paul Goldtop
A painting of Les Paul's historic 'Number One' Goldtop. Available as an NFT, a print or other merchandise. Read more
VX Art Tournament 2021 entry, round 2 painting: Nyaminyami. Read more
Jack-o-lantern monster
A jack-o-lantern monster design for Halloween. Available as a print or other merchandise. Read more
Iona Marais
Tribute to my late art teacher Mrs Iona Marais who passed away recently. Read more
Swamp Thing | Comic Con Feature
Swamp Thing painted live on Comic Con Africa's Twitch channel. Read more
Resilience | VX Art Tournament 2021
VX Art Tournament 2021 entry. Read more
Dog Illustration, Pet Portrait
A tribute sketch of a friend's beloved dog that passed away recently. Read more
Huion Island Love
My entry for the Huion Ideal World/Moment competition. Read more
stylized self-portrait
A stylized self-portrait I created for some overlays I made for a live broadcast for Comic Con Africa Read more
Citadel Abomination
A fan art painting of a monster, aptly named "Abomination', from the game Citadel: Forged With Fire. Available as a print or other merchandise. Read more
Grumpy Cat
just a quickie I painted this morning while waiting for clients to get back to me. Read more
Possessed Glove
A possessed glove painted for a Discord challenge. Read more
Fallout76 comic art
A comic art painting of a Fallout76 scene featuring a glowing rad toad. Read more
Cherish Every Moment
A painting reminding us to cherish every moment with our loved ones. Available as a print or other merchandise. Read more