Inktober 2022 African Gargoyle

African Gargoyle by Roxane Lapa

Time Lapse

You can watch a time lapse of the creation of this piece here:

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Art Specifications:

Artwork Type:

Digital Inking

Art Completed:


Illustration Tools:

Corel Painter (discounted) on Huion Inspiroy 1060P graphics tablet with Roxy’s Comic Inking brushes for Corel Painter

Art Description

Day 1 of #inktober22 “Gargoyle”. I wanted to put a spin on the theme by making it an elephant (paying homage to my country, South Africa), rather than the typical European grotesque ones.

I don’t have time to do 1 every day, so just did this one to go with a video I made about inktober drama. See below.

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