Smokey Joes Mascot Logo

Smokey Joes Mascot Logo by Roxane Lapa

Initial sample of logos I gave to the client
Final Logo on Truck
logo on Menu
Their food

Artwork Type:

Digital Painting

Art Completed:


Illustration Tools:

Paintstorm Studio and CorelDraw, on Huion Inspiroy 1060P graphics tablet

Art Description

This was a mascot logo that I illustrated for Smokey Joes* food truck in the UK.

The initial brief was a burger smoking a cigar with a hat, but the client wasn’t sure what style they wanted, so I provided some rough concepts. The client chose the first concept but requested a moustache and eyes, as well as a few tweaks along the way. They also wanted the text straight and separate from the mascot, so they could have it printed along the top of the food truck.

* Smokey Joes on Facebook

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