Untimely Descent of the Gas Bag

Untimely Descent of the Gas Bag by Roxane Lapa

Carno Painted on my iPad and dropped into the scene
Composition Sketch

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Art Specifications:

Artwork Type:

Digital Painting

Art Completed:


Illustration Tools:

Corel Painter (discounted) on Huion Inspiroy 1060P graphics tablet, and Procreate on iPad 6th Gen

Art Description

An imaginative scene based on the world of Ark: Survival Evolved. This illustration was painted for twitch.tv/Mr_W4RpATH ‘s BRB slideshow overlay on Twitch. His version has speech bubbles and some text on it, but you’ll have to watch his stream to see that.

During this paint, I bought myself a second hand iPad and the carno was the first thing I painted on it during loadshedding (scheduled electricity blackouts). I later dropped it into the scene and continued on Corel Painter.

You may also recognise the stone arch – I took that from a landscape study I painted earlier in the year.

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