BotanyWorx Mascot Logo

Earthworm Mascot Logo by Roxane Lapa

Adjusted Concepts after Feedback
Adjusted Concepts after Feedback
First Concepts
First Concepts
Logo Frame Design
Logo Frame Design

Art Specifications:

Artwork Type:

Digital Painting & Graphic Design

Art Completed:


Illustration Tools:

Corel Painter (discounted) and CorelDraw on Huion Inspiroy 1060P graphics tablet

Art Description

Designed this earthworm mascot logo for a client who is on the urban farming business.

The brief was to create a circular logo with a capped earthworm in the centre with a shovel and spanner in the background. The Botany Worx text was to go at the bottom in a graffiti style with mushrooms and daisies growing out of it. The client said they admired the style of graffiti artist Cheografe.

With this nice clear brief, I first created the frame. I designed the border and text in CorelDraw.
I then sketched character concepts for the earthworm character using Corel Painter.

After some feedback, I adjusted a smaller selection of character sketches and then they chose the winner which I painted properly.

Finally, I took the character into CorelDraw and vectorized it so that the whole logo is a vector.

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