Painted Streamer Overlays – Mr_W4RpATH

ttv Mr_W4RpATH overlays by Roxane lapa

Mr_W4RpATH Offline by Roxane Lapa
Offline Screen
Mr_W4RpATH Starting Soon by Roxane Lapa
Starting Soon
Mr_W4RpATH Just Chatting by Roxane Lapa
Just Chatting
Mr_W4RpATH Desktop Scene by Roxane Lapa
Desktop Scene
Mr_W4RpATH BRB by Roxane Lapa
BRB Screen
Mr_W4RpATH Credit Screen by Roxane Lapa
Credits Screen
Mr_W4RpATH Fin Screen by Roxane Lapa
Fin Screen
Mr_W4RpATH Profile blocks by Roxane Lapa
Profile Blocks

Art Specifications:

Artwork Type:

Digital Painting & Graphic Design

Art Completed:


Illustration Tools:

Paintstorm Studio and Photoshop on Huion Inspiroy 1060P graphics tablet

Art Description

A series of overlays, painted and designed for Mr_W4RpATH’s Twitch stream. Each element in each screne is painted from scratch, even the arcade machine. Some scenes contain some animation if you see it live.

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