How to Stop Panic Attacks

Help, I’m having a panic attack!

If you are having a panic attack right now, start by controlling your breathing. Slow things down by closing your mouth and blocking one nostril and then breathe slowly and deeply through the unblocked nostril. Block that nostril and unblock the other. Slowly exhale out your unblocked nostril. Repeat this a few times and concentrate on doing it without letting your mind run wild. Your heart rate will start to slow and you will inevitably begin to calm down.

An ordinary panic attack only lasts a couple of minutes but it is terrifying enough that you will not want to experience it again. It is also common to develop a phobia of getting another panic attack which may ironically bring one on.

How to stop panic attacks from reoccurring?

You don’t need to live in fear. You also don’t need to resign yourself to being drugged up on anti-anxiety medication for the rest of eternity. There are effective and natural ways to overcome panic attacks and panic disorder for good. I had such severe panic attacks that I literally had a nervous breakdown, but now I am completely free of panic attacks and 100% cured of panic disorder. I don’t want anyone to suffer from panic attacks like I did, and that is why I wrote a book on how to overcome panic disorder and am giving it away for free.

How I Overcame Panic Disorder Without Drugs

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