#Julybrary | July Art Challenge

July is the month to marry your love of books and art, by painting, drawing, sculpting, or cosplaying characters from books. You can choose your own characters, or follow the prompts (each week will be themed).

The month of July has been fairly barren of art challenges. Up till now, all we really had was #julycanthropy (drawing werewolves), which doesn’t even have an official prompt list, so I thought I’d create one. July is my birth month too, so I thought I’d personalise the July challenge with something else I love – reading.

#Julybrary Art Challenge Details

The art challenge is to paint, draw, sculpt, or cosplay characters from books. You can either choose your own characters, or follow the prompts (each week will be themed).

A Less Stressful Art Challenge

Most social art challenges have daily prompts, which I think is a bit much for those of us that have jobs and other responsibilities. It also encourages a culture of expecting artists to churn out work like a cheap factory, and this in turn, justifies artists thinking they need to use AI to keep up with everyone else. It also feeds an unhealthy social engine where if you aren’t posting every day, the algorithm ignores you. It’s time to stop changing our lives to fit in with the algorithm, and start living more holistically.

Weekly Art Challenge

That’s why, I’ve set the goal for #julybrary to be a weekly art challenge, rather than daily. Even if you have the time to do a daily drawing, you might consider instead do a better weekly drawing. Just spend more time polishing your work and really growing as an artist. You also decide how much you want to sweat over each creation – a portrait, a bust, a full figure, a whole sceneā€¦ or go full tilt and create a mock book cover. The only rule is that you put in actual creative effort (i.e. no ai/generated art). This challenge is for humans.

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