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Gumroad & OpenSea

I recently launched a GumRoad store so I can offer some digital downloads, and an OpenSea profile so I can mint and sell NFTs…

The Pandemic has a Silver Lining

Covid-19. We all know the drawbacks, but if you want to focus on the positive, here’s some very good things that have come out of this whole drama.

Am I Depressed?

Many people say they’re depressed without fully understanding what that means, clinically. From my limited knowledge I explain it as best I can, and offer a possible solution.

Health Anxiety

Hypochondria or health anxiety may result in panic attacks. This is something I’m intimately acquainted with, but have overcome. Here’s some good advice.

How to Stop Panic Attacks

If you’re having a panic attack right now, or one is imminent, read about this simple breathing technique that can lower your heart rate, and calm you down immediately.

Panic Attack Symptoms

Are you having a panic attack? Here’s the main and other common symptoms, along with some links to good advice on overcoming it.